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  • LiteracyTech Blog

    Pointers and notes broadly related to literacy teaching and literacy issues -- mainly adult literacy -- and the use of computers, the Web, and other kinds of technology.


  • Web Projects

    How to make Web site design and production a project-based learning activity.


This site is managed and maintained by Jeff Carter, Executive Director of DC LEARNs. D.C. LEARNs is the leading advocacy organization for adult, child, and family literacy in Washington, D.C.

Many of the materials were developed in collaboration with staff at World Education, in Boston, MA -- in particular Steve Quann and Lou Wollrab. In addition, many literacy programs, teachers, students, and others have contributed ideas to this site.

How do you use technology?
This site provides information and resources on the use of technology in adult education. The focus here is on simple, practical, and project-based ideas and approaches. The LiteracyTech Blog provides an online journal of literacy and technology-related issues.
Reports, Books, and Presentations

Access to Technology: Questions and Challenges

Thumbnail of PowerPoint slideThe latest version of a work-in-progress PowerPoint overview on the use of technology with adult learners with special needs can be downloaded here. In addition, there are some notes associated with a recent presentation on this topic in Maryland that can also be downloaded.

Book for Teachers on Web Publishing

Under Construction Book CoverWorld Education has published a short guidebook, Under Construction: Building Web Sites as a Project-based Learning Activity for ABE/ESOL Classes, written by Jeff Carter, the manager of this site, along with Steve Quann of World Ed. The book is designed to provide adult literacy and ESOL staff developers and teachers with some simple, user-friendly advice on building Web sites as a classroom activity. Contact Jeff for information about ordering copies.

The Web Projects section of this site is an enhanced, Web-based companion to the print version of the book, maintained by Jeff Carter.

Report on Technology and Adult Basic Education

Tech & ABE Report LogoThis report, Technology in Today's ABE Classroom: A Look at the Technology Practices and Preferences of Adult Basic Education Teachers, presents highlights from a technology survey of the Northeastern U.S. conducted in 2003 by Jeff Carter and World Education staff. You can download a PDF copy of the report from the World Education Web site.